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Leveraging marketing automation to get the competitive advantage on the B2B Market 

Digital innovations, social media and mobile technologies have changed the B2B customer journey making the buying process more complex than ever! To build a continuous relationship with buyers and cut through the noise; companies can leverage marketing automation tools to communicate consistently with leads across channels and create unique buyer journeys.

The digital marketplace growth has put a lot of power back into the hands of buyers, changing the B2B buyers’ expectations when it comes to the buyer´s journey. The new B2B buyer does not expect to only deal with a salesperson until it is time to close the deal. Instead these buyers heavily rely on digital resources and expect you to reach out to them with the right content, at the right time and through the right channels.  

B2B leaders are taking advantage of the marketing automation to deliver personalization at scale and bring together marketing and sales to work together to serve customers all along the buying journey.

Join this session to understand how you can increase your conversions and brand awareness by implementing marketing automation tools into your day-to-day marketing strategies.


Natascia Pasero

Head of Business Consulting at ecx.io | IBM iX

Marco Musielak

Marketing Automation Consultant at ecx.io | IBM iX