Joerg Niessing

Universität INSEAD Fontainebleau

Joerg Niessing is a member of the faculty at INSEAD and is a globally recognized expert and strategic advisor on digital transformation, digital strategy, customer-centricity, and data analytics. He is the program director of INSEAD's flagship programs "B2B Marketing Strategies" and "Leading Digital Marketing Strategy." Over the past five years, Joerg has engaged with more than 3,000 executives from a wide range of companies in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia, including Google, Kone, Roche, Maersk, Michelin, IBM, Thales, PwC, and Kion. He holds a PhD in marketing from the University of Muenster. His credentials do not only come from his academic career, but also from over 14 years in consulting mainly as head of Prophet's Insight and Analytics practice. His recent book on The Definitive Guide to B2B Digital Transformation talks about How to Drive Uncommon Growth by Prioritizing Customers Over Technology. Joerg also launched the fast-growing resource hub b2bdigitaltransformation.com where business leaders will find more content from his book, reports, research, webinar recordings and many other things.